Our commitment

Everybody deserves a chance at a life of learning and a top career.

As we build a better system, we’re committed to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion are driving forces in all that we do – from the design and delivery of our programmes to our recruitment, culture, learning and development.

What do we mean by diversity, equity and inclusion?


Diversity includes the full spectrum of human difference and is about ensuring organisations are representative of the communities they serve.


Equity is about providing individuals with fair access to opportunities and resources by meeting their needs and counteracting systemic barriers.


Inclusion is the feeling of belonging within the workplace, creating a culture where individuals feel valued, respected and encouraged to fully participate.

Our Vision

We’re breaking down an old system – and building a better one. To achieve this, we’re committed to leading the way in applied learning and inclusive hiring, making sure everybody has a pathway to success.

Let’s Learn Together!